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Why Aveda Speed of Light is the New Don of Hair Products

Although most of us are currently enjoying a slower pace of life with the summer holidays, there comes a time when we need to get back to the daily grind. Imagine if we told you that you could enjoy and extra 10 minutes in bed at least 3 times a week? That actually equates to 26 HOURS a year to enjoy for just you.


Speed of Light lives up to it’s name

The answer is in this little miracle product ‘Speed of Light’ which is specifically designed to cut blow drying time. Our Aveda Guildford and Walton hairdressers have been using this on our guests since it’s launch back in October and the feedback is overwhelmingly good. Made with mandarin, star anise and ylang ylang it smells A.Mazing and also has no silicons in it, meaning no greasy feel

Here are 4 key reasons we think you will LOVE this product and should try it out asap (by the way it also comes in travel size – super handy!)

  1. Blow drying time is reduced by HALF according to 3 out of 5 women. Using lactic acid from sugar beets, the hair cuticle is sealed and smoothed. That means fibres are separated (rather than with wetter hair where the hair clings together) and air can flow around more easily and effectively drying hair in no time.
  2. It acts as a primer to protect your hair. Specifically for clean and wet hair, Speed of light coats and primes every shaft protecting against damage from your hairdryer. Heat damage is real and can seriously show up as breakage which is never a good look.
  3. If it wasn’t enough to protect and speed up your dry time, Speed of light is also a detangler – making it easier to brush your hair out. With coconut derived conditioners and corn-derived humectant, hair is smoother and easier to manage.
  4. It’s ethical. For a start it’s vegan. The buzz word of 2019, Speed of Light is completely cruelty free and uses 100% recycled PET plastic. That means your old milk bottles have a new lease of life! To minimise waste, we have a fine mist sprayer that gives hair the exact amount needed to cover your hair without using too much – product lasts longer – you’re happier.

Aveda Speed of light retails at £21 in Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford and Walton and our professional stylists promise it’s worth every penny!

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