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Chakra Can?

Gorgeous smelling Aveda Chakra Mist Pure fuma Sprays to balance your energetic body

chakrasFor May’s ‘product of the month’ we’re looking at our exclusive range of Aveda Chakra oils and sprays that are designed not only to make yourself and your home, studio or workspace smell beautiful, but also stimulate and balance your chakra system and enhancing positive emotions. They use certified organic ingredients wherever possible, meaning they’re planet friendly and chemical free. As with all Aveda products, these chakra sprays and mists are cruelty free and use fair traded ingredients.

What are chakras?

In brief, the chakras are energy points within the subtle body that vibrate and radiate energy. This is a concept from ancient India, first mentioned in the Vedas around 4000 years ago. Each chakra is said to represent elements of our character, instinct and emotion, and when healthy and ‘open’ serve to create harmony within our souls and lives. When blocked, inactive or overactive, the chakras create problems on many levels from physical to emotional. To learn more about the chakras and their meanings, visit our special studio blog.

So how can a spray help?

The idea that aromatherapy can help to draw out negative energy and stimulate balance in your personal energy is a long held belief in Ayurveda medicine.

Each chakra mist uses specific essential oils and certified organic ingredients to enhance and stimulate the energy centres, whether to uplift and energise, ground and calm or draw out negativity, these various aromas work wonders in balancing the mind body and soul.

Let us take you through the basics with a summary of each chakra, which ingredients are used and the overall intention and effect when using.

Chakra™ 1 balancing pure-fume™ mist

Aveda Chakra 1 Balancing Body Mist 100mlGrounding
Using certified organic olibanum, patchouli, vetiver and other pure flower and plant essences, these ingredients reflect Ayurvedic diagnosis for aromas to help one balance the root chakra (the muladhara, located at the base of the spine).
Develop and enhance a feeling of security and safety. This chakra is closest to the earth and helps us to connect to mother earth for stability and a sense of being grounded.

Chakra™ 2 balancing pure-fume™ mist

Essential oils used are sandalwood, certified organic orange, geranium and other pure flower and plant essences. Stimulates the sacral chakra (the svadhisthana, located above the pubic bone and below the navel).

Our pleasure centre of creativity and emotional sexual energy is balanced and the ability to connect to others is enhanced. When unblocked, one feels emotionally connected without being needy and able to express sexuality freely.

Chakra™ 3 balancing pure-fume™ mist

Certified organic lavender, fir balsam, lemon and other pure flower and plant essences are used in (manipura) is a nerve centre of the physical body too, located just behind the belly button.
Connect to your authentic self. When balanced, this chakra helps you to feel confident about your intention and go about your life goals with intention and motivation. Our direction is clear and our focus is unwavering.

Chakra™ 4 balancing pure-fume™ mist

Gorgeous combinations of sandalwood, certified organic mandarin and palmarosa with other pure flower and plant essences make up Chakra 4, the Heart chakra (anahata). This energy wheel is located directly behind the heart.

The anahata is the epicentre of love, compassion and connection. It is the bridge between the lower and upper chakras and is an extremely potent and powerful energy. When balanced, the heart is peaceful and outward love towards all others leads ones behaviour.

Chakra™ 5 balancing pure-fume™ mist

Aveda Chakra 5 Balancing Body Mist 100ml Expressive
This aromatic body mist contains the authentic fusion certified organic grapefruit, rosemary, ylang ylang and other pure flower and plant essences. They’re blended to balance the throat chakra, located in the lower neck between the collarbones.

The Vishuddha or throat dictates self-expression and communication, according to Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. When harmonised, the person can speak freely and articulate themselves creatively without barrier.

Chakra™ 6 balancing body mist

Begin to go deeper into the mind with the chakra 6 spray.. certified organic petitgrain, orange, geranium and other pure flower and plant essences are used to create a harmonising aroma.
The ajna or third eye found between the eyebrows, is said to be the home of the inner teacher, the inner wisdom and intuition. An energetic power house, this ajna when healthy provides a majestic and strong connection to the inner self and an ability to lead with intuition and wisdom.

Chakra™ 7 balancing pure-fume™ mist wisdom

buddhaRealise bliss when the crown chakra is balanced and reach your spiritual potential. Using certified organic olibanum, angelica root, elemi and other pure flower and plant essences this chakra mist helps to open the crown chakra, located at the very top of the head, and said to be the gateway to the universe.

This ultimate chakra represents the ability to connect to something greater than the self, a limitless bliss and unification. When this chakra is balanced, life is joyful serene and whole.

To find out more about these chakra sprays, feel free to visit us in store on Guildford High Street, or in Walton ‘The Heart’ shopping mall – we’d love to see you and show you all of the sprays so you can smell them for yourself. We also use them regularly in our studio at Mary Ann Weeks Aveda Guildford, combining their magic with yoga.

Also there’s a very handy Aveda website called which gives more details on the chakra sprays but also has mini meditations you can try alongside using the sprays. Let us know below what you think of these sprays and when you like to use them the most!

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